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At the age of 22 I became a mom and a wife. I realized fast that having alone time is limited! I didn't have time to wait at a nail salon and I didn't want my daughter to inhale any harsh chemicals at a salon either. 
I didn't have many childcare options but of course, still wanted my nails to look glamorous!
After being disappointed, I soon started to dive into press on nails and realized this can be the next level of Convenience, Affordability and Beauty! 

Let me tell you why:

Convenience: Skip trying to find time, a babysitter, or even having to leave your house to wait in line at a nail salon! Skip booking appointments and then having to cancel when something comes up! Skip never getting exactly what you wanted because of costs or because the salon doesn't have an item/ color/ etc.

Pressedaholic stays on trend and always has new products! 

Apply your nails in the comfort of your own home! Simply buff your natural nails, apply glue and apply the press on nail.


  Affordability: Tired of getting that fill in every 2 weeks? Tired of spending an extra $50 - $100+ on your nails? Tired of paying for nails you didn't really like? Maybe you just needed your nails done for an event or just to take some selfies with! 

With Pressedaholic you get exactly whats shown every time! Save your coin! with press on nails you'll be able to apply and take off the nails whenever its convenient for you!

Beauty: Who doesn't love having that nail set that turns heads?! But the one thing I didn't enjoy about acrylic nails is the dents it leaves on the natural nail bed! I also hated struggling to take them off because I didn't want to spend that extra $10.00 for a soak off! 

With Pressedaholic you get to keep your natural nails HEALTHY

and still look your best! 

So what are you waiting for? Order Today!

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